How to Decorate a Party Room

A Party Room is one of the most important components of a house party. It acts like a powerful ocean current, directing guests in and out of rooms, mixing up groups and conversations, and generally keeping the energy of the party in constant motion.

You can create or adjust your party room schedule from Venue Manager. For example, let’s say you only want to allow 2 single party bookings per session on the weekends at 9 AM.

Decorate the Walls

A few simple decorations can make the world of difference in a party room. If you’re having a themed party, hang photos or other artwork that fit the theme on the walls. For example, you might hang baby photos for a child’s birthday or celebrity pictures for a Hollywood theme.

You can also use the walls for a party backdrop or to display tablescapes. For example, if you’re hosting a girls’ sleepover, you can place twinkle lights on the wall along with some fun tablecloths. You might even want to try hanging some inflatable palm trees or pirates in the corner for a more dramatic look.

For larger rooms, break the space into visual sections by hanging curtains or screens. For example, a boy’s race car birthday might work well with red and yellow streamers hung over each activity area with matching car printed banners to rope the areas off visually. You can also add tinsel around serving platters to turn the tables into works of art for a special dessert table.

Hang Balloons

One of the most iconic ways to decorate a Party Room is with balloons. They are easy to blow up yourself or buy pre-inflated, and they can be used in a variety of ways.

One way to make a statement with balloons is by hanging them on the walls in different shapes and colors. This will make a great backdrop for photos and can also highlight a cake table or gift table.

You can also create a balloon garland, which is perfect for birthday parties or Halloween. You can either string them together or use mini clothespins to hook them onto a string, which makes it easier to create a uniform design.

Another option is to use packing tape, which works well and is inexpensive. However, you should avoid using anything that might damage your walls, like duct tape, as it will likely leave a mark if removed. You can also use push pins or thumb tacks, which will be less noticeable on the wall.

Add String Lights

Add a little extra sparkle to any space with string lights. Also called twinkle or bistro lights, these versatile decorations make for a dreamy addition to any venue and can instantly transform a room into a whimsical setting.

Hang the lights above party tables or use them to decorate food and dessert displays. Choose from different bulbs to suit the vibe of your party. For example, Edison-style string lights work well for creating a vintage-inspired space and fairy lights are great for adding a touch of magic to your event.

Invest in an extension cord to help you reach the outlet from which you’ll be powering your lights. Before you begin hanging the strands, ask a friend to hold the plug end of the first set so you can determine how far off the ground you want to suspend them. Starting at this height, mark the locations where you’ll attach hooks or a clip for each individual bulb, then screw in the bulbs.

Use Candles

The warm, soft glow of candles is the perfect way to add ambiance to any space. Display a mix of small and large jar candles on an old table or buffet for a rustic look, or place them alongside fir twigs, pine cones, and cinnamon sticks for a natural Christmas feel.

You can even try scented candles for extra flair. The fragrances are a great way to set a mood, with scents like melon for spring, citrus for summer, and cinnamon for winter.

When displaying candles, remember to keep them away from drafts and vents as this can cause them to burn quickly and may create a fire hazard. Also, it’s best to refrain from blowing out the wick as this can cause a smoky smell and can damage the candle. Using a snuffer is the safest method to extinguish a candle. Lastly, use different candle heights to add satisfying dimension. This is especially true for table centerpieces and candelabras.

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