How to Decorate a Party Room

If you host a party at home, consider installing frameless interior windows to allow natural light and a spacious ambiance. Window installation also allows for environmental control of temperature and humidity levels, ensuring the room is comfortable for guests.

Room parties can include general chatting, Turkey Read readings, filk singing or songvid watching. The close quarters and noise can be claustrophobic to outsiders, but for fans it is well worth the effort.

Wall Decorations

When you’re decorating a party room game idea, the wall decorations are just as important as any other aspect of your event. From banners to backdrops, these pieces are easy to create and make a big impact on your guests’ experience. Plus, they make a great photo booth backdrop for those unforgettable photos.

Consider adding a few fun and unique balloons to the room as well. Foil balloons come in a variety of shapes and themes, so you can easily find a design to match your theme or the occasion. Glow sticks also add a fun pop of color and can be added to a variety of balloons for a totally customized look.

When you want to hang wall decorations, be sure to consider your wall’s surface and the weight of the decor piece itself. Double-sided tape is a great option for hanging photos and garlands, but it’s not the best choice for framed pictures or heavier decor items.


Balloons are an inexpensive and colorful way to decorate your party room. They can be blown up with your mouth, an air pump or a helium tank. They can be grouped into bunches, tied to wires and hung as an arch or a garland. They can also be inflated and painted to create custom decorations for the occasion.

For a themed party, hang a bunch of balloons featuring the guest of honor’s favorite color or theme. They’re a fun addition to any birthday celebration!

In the past, players could place items in the Party Room chest that were tradeable and bankable. These were later removed to prevent players from using the chest for covert real-world trading. Also, pets and familiars can no longer be taken into the room. This has been added to further combat the use of the room as a drop party spot. Players can still receive follower pets from the balloons, however.

String Lights

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to add a big impact to your party decor, look no further than string lights. These ultra-romantic accessories can transform any venue, from a rustic outdoor event to a glitzy ballroom celebration.

Hang strands of lights along walls and stairways to illuminate walkways or create a dramatic backdrop for photos. They can also help make smaller spaces feel more intimate and cozy, like this romantic tent designed for a frosty winter wedding.

For a girl’s princess birthday party, decorate doorways with pink and white tulle adorned with clear and multi colored mini lights to create an eye-catching design. Then, drape pink and white tulle over a buffet or gift table for a beautiful pop of color that matches the theme.

Strip lights are spools of LED lights in skinny strips that can be used to line windows, frame doorways and surround picture frames. Though they won’t light up a room as dramatically as galaxy or laser lights, they’re a great option for peripheral lighting.


Using a variety of photos adds an element of depth to your party room game idea. Pictures of friends and family at past parties, as well as scenic landscapes or cityscapes, are all great options. When displaying photos, make sure they’re in RAW format so that you can adjust things like white balance and exposure. JPEG images don’t give you the flexibility to change these things in post-production.

If you’re designing a new space for your home to serve as the party room, think about how it will be used on a daily basis. Many homeowners choose to design a dining room, gathering space or additional den as their party room, so that it can still function as the central living area for their household when not hosting guests.

A top choice for a party room location is close to the kitchen, so that you can easily serve snacks and drinks. Windows should be a large part of the party room design to allow for natural light and environmental control, such as keeping the room cool or warm.

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