Remodeling a Home Party Room to Complement Your Lifestyle

Whether your entertaining style is casual or formal, a home party room game idea can complement your lifestyle. Remodeling or adding a dedicated social area is an option, but your family den, dining room or second living space can be transformed into a party room as well.

Use inflatable decorations to set a theme. For example, hang palm trees or pirate ships for a tropical party. Easily accessible trash receptacles throughout the room will help keep your party area clean.

Home Party Room

A home party room can be an addition or a converted space. Remodeling an existing dining room, den or second living area into a party space can be a great way to entertain without having to leave the comforts of home. A well designed party room can also function as the family’s dining, gathering or recreation space when not hosting parties and events.

Adding decorations to the party room is an easy and fun way to make it more festive. Foil balloons in shapes that complement the party theme can instantly spruce up the room. Using string lights in different lengths and colors adds to the mood as well.

A party room should also include a place for trash receptacles to prevent clutter and keep the space neat. Providing a place to store unused food will cut down on cleanup time as well. Frameless interior windows will add to the beauty of the room and allow the natural light to flood in.

Private Party Room

If you’re hosting a private party, it can be difficult to find the right venue for your group. Luckily, there are a variety of great options in NYC that offer party room game idea that are perfect for birthday parties, baby showers, engagement parties, or just getting your friends together.

One room comfortably seats up to 35 with a food and beverage minimum depending on the day and time of the week. There is a $150 rental fee that goes towards the final bill and they ask you to order food party trays ahead of time to cover the minimum.

There is a semi-private section of the restaurant that can fit 20-30 people and a full buyout of the space that can hold 100-250 people with an exclusive event menu. The hourly rental rate is $300-$1500 and includes event coordinator, food pickups, rentals, use of silverware/plates, etc. Full bar packages are also available. AV hookups are included.

Outdoor Party Room

Add charm and sophistication to your party with an outdoor space that feels like something from a romantic film. Here, authentic cobblestones, lush greenery, and wooden seating combine for a bright and sunny aesthetic, perfect for a summertime celebration. When the sun sets, overhead string lights transform the space for a magical nighttime aesthetic.

If you don’t want to spend all day topping up drinks, set up a bar where guests can serve themselves. It’s a great way to encourage mingling without having to be a helicopter host.

For a fun, festive vibe, Lawrence Bullard suggests using a wide array of tableware for your party. He suggests mixing and matching plate styles, glassware, and flowers for a cheerful, tropical feel. Make sure there are plenty of seats for guests to lounge and chat.

Entertainment Area

Whether you build a new room or convert an existing one, your home party space should be easily accessible to the kitchen for ease of food preparation and close to your entryway so guests can be greeted. Ideally, it will also be close to bathrooms.

Consider a centralized entertainment center to accommodate TV, stereo equipment and speakers as well as a gaming console, video games or DVD player for entertaining your guests after dinner or while they relax on the sofas or ottomans. You should also install a high-quality sound system that will ensure your parties are as lively and entertaining as possible.

To help you zone your party space, Henriette suggests combining overhead lighting with lots of table lamps and picture lights to create a warm glow, especially for later parties. She adds that large rugs can be helpful as a visual boundary to keep the furniture in one area and prevent people from wandering into areas of the house that may not be suitable for partying.

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